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August 1, 2019

TWRC Derby Day Results – Sunday 28th July at Pendarves EC

Class 1 60cm             (14 entries)

1st    Viv Selwood                    Brooklyn

2nd    Joy Benney                      Lily

3rd    Georgie Littlejohn          Roo

4th     Lucy Whetman               Greenwith Iskey

5th     Sally                                  Rosewell Spring Expense

6th     Jane Lamming                Ghost

Class 2 70cm   (18 entries)

1st     Adrian Brannely           Inisbri Imelda May

2nd   Dympna Gethin             Rahugh Girl      

3rd  Paula Reynolds               Shelby

4th   Stephen Nicky                Thumbelina

5th   Alice Lamming                Grey Son

6th   Stephanie Martin          Storm

Class 3  80cm  (38 entries)

1st   Anna Foster             Hamish

2nd  Heather Child          Benjamin Briton

3rd  Hayley Williams       Jon Boy

4th  Charlotte Ruddock    Frank

5th  Paula Reynolds         Shelby

6th Zoe Boyd                    Magic Roundabout III

7th Micheala Stevens     Irish Rissett

Class 4  90cm  (24 entries)

1st Lucy James                 Fagan

2nd  Jenny Booth            Sharateek De Mon

3rd  Sarah Penter           Mulfra

4th   James Grant           Tregurtha Wodan

5th  Lucy James              Grey Attic

6th Anna Foster             Hamish

Class 5 100cm   (9 entries)

1st   Lucy James                Grey Attic

2nd  Adrian Brannelly       Shamagh Rockmore

3rd   Sarah Penter             Mulfra

4th  Clare Hosking            Florentine O’Shea

5th   Lucy James                Fagan

6th   Micheala Stevens     Who Wears the Trousers