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May 11, 2021

Ok folks, we have some Area Qualifiers coming up and now is the time to put your hand up if you’d like to join in.
First up is the Area Horse Trials Qualifiers. These take place at St Leonards in Launceston on the 13th June. Always a fabulous event at a brilliant location – Andy always gives us a good course to jump.
So we will be looking for anyone that wants to join a TWRC team – its good fun and there is the opportunity to qualify for the Championships up at Swalcliffe, Oxfordshire in August. TWRC members gone up there and had an absolute blast, its a great experience.
So, you would like to be in a team, here is what you need to know :-

  1. You must be a fully paid up TWRC member before the 22nd May when we have to put our Prelim entries in
  2. Ideally you would be available on the 6th to 8th August to attend the Champs should your team be lucky enough to qualify
  3. See Horsemonkey Booking Link for schedule